My personal need for Professional and Reliable Pet Care led me to research the Pet Sitting industry +10 years ago. When combined with my profound love for pets, my Business education (MBA), and experience in management positions, we decided to start BUCKHEAD PET SITTING SERVICES INC.


With time we have identified the needs and expectations of pets and owners and we have divided them into three categories. I have a a special message for each of them. Which category are you in ?  



Families that travel often
Pet owner who works hard
Pet owner with physical limitations




Entrusting your pet and your home is NOT an easy or careless decision, but the fact is that keeping your pet at home has become more affordable, more convenient and more secure ... and that's where we come in. We are truly thankful for our wonderful customers, they have given us the opportunity to take care of their pets and homes for more than 10 years and we have built long lasting relationships. We are part of your community, let us be part of your family.