COVID-19 Coronavirus
Georgia Business Re-opening

UPDATE April 24th, 2020 : 

The Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, has issued an executive order to allow certain businesses to resume services, at the discretion of business owners: file:///C:/Users/a/Downloads/


Our job as pet sitters is still considered "essential activity", and it allows us to leave our residence to care for a pet in another household, and to help persons at risk with their daily life/routine. However, because of the Pandemic, our team of Pet Sitters has experienced major changes:

  • Mason Rodericks will be temporarily leaving us to support his wife. His wife is a nurse and she has been called to serve in several Hospitals in California.

  • Tom Colston has decided to move to Macon, GA, closer to family and lifetime friends. Tom will be giving us some very limited support in the future, during busy Holidays.

  • Barbara Blender asked for some time off from 5/21/20 until 6/14/20. 

We are receiving reservations, and we are expecting to get back to the level of work we were (before the Pandemic) around mid-June. We are working hard on training a new and reliable team of Pet Sitters. If your main and/or substitute pet sitter is in the list above, please contact us at least 10 days before your next reservation to make sure you are assigned a different pet sitter, and to schedule a complimentary initial consultation with her/him.

Thank you for our understanding.