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For the families that travel often...

We've been there - the friends and family want to see you, not your "baggage" , and lets face it - Auntie Ant with the white carpets and museum interior is not looking forward to it. We've all worn out the welcome at friends and family regarding our pets... loyal as they are and we are.  You know what I'm talking about.

Finding nice pet friendly hotels is a godsend when you can find it, but the pet fees are increasing every season. We had great hotels, acceptable hotels, and bad hotels. Pets don't care about the network of hotels, or the quality of the towels, or the stainless steel appliances... they just care about their place to sleep and their surroundings.  


For a pet it is harder to get used to a different environment and they hardly get used to it when it is already time to come back.  Place yourself in their paws and you will feel anxious and stressed if you have no idea where you are going to spend the night, or where you are going to walk, or where you will relieve yourself, or even worst : Is this change permanent ? They get exhausted by guarding your hotel's room door 24-7 and barking at every human or pet walking across the aisle.

For most of our pets it is a party to go with you while you drive here and there, but after a couple of hours it is no fun and they can even get sick if you don't provide them with abundant amounts of water, and if you don't stop often for them to stretch and breathe "new air". 


You finally arrive to your destination and... what is in the agenda for them ? unless you own or rent a house in the prairie, in the beach,  or in the woods, your pets will have to stay in the hotel or in the car. This is no fun either.


As a responsible "parent" and pet owner you will be concerned about your pets all the time : where are they ? do they need to go out ? is it time to feed them ? do they have enough water ? are they happy ? are they annoying the hotel manager with guest complaints ? ... Do you really call this vacation ?


Until now we dealt with all this because our only other option was dropping them off at a kennel and you know what this means for them and for you. We personally preferred the pet friendly hotel option and we even passed on some trips.


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