For the pet owner who works hard...



What about those days you have to work until late and you have problems coming home to your pet? Nowadays working hours are longer and your boss expects you to stay for that "after hours" meeting or event. They are even sending you out of town to take care of that special customer and they won't understand your responsibility for the well being of your pet.

Do you rush home during your lunch time to walk your adorable dog? You can not nourish your body if you drive home and back. Try enjoying lunch with your friends and co-workers, it will make you happy and productive.

Don't miss the special dinner you have just been invited to. Don't miss Happy Hour with your friends. Your pet(s) love you and they are happy for you too.  

Our team of pet sitters is very flexible, we will be there on short notice to take care of your best friend. Last minute fees may apply, but to be honest with you that happens very rarely, we do not charge last minute fees unless your pet sitter reaaaaallly needs to go out of his/her way to be there.

We offer 10% discounts to pet owners who book 15 or more dog walks during the month.



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